Thursday, July 17, 2008

Minnie Riperton - Stay in Love (Epic 1977)

First off I gotta clear the ambiguity about the pronunciation of her name. I've never heard a definitive answer concerning the pronunciation, but it should be said with a concentration on the first 4 letters in her name, RIPE. If it had been meant to be pronounced with the emphasis on the P sound, there would have been 2 p's. The guy who gives his meaningless opinion on movies calls himself Roper, with a hard O, not Ropper. Bite is pronounced byte, not bit.

This album dropped in 1977, which is coming dangerously close to enemy territory. Had it come out a couple months later, it probably would have been some wack disco shit. As it is, you can hear traces of disco in the uptempo track "Stick Together." It's not surprising considering that it was produced by Freddie Perren, the guy who would go on to produce a couple tracks on Saturday Night Fever in 78 and Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" in 79. Nevertheless, each of the tracks is worth a listen because Minnie Riperton rips your ears open with blaring vocals.

This album is probably her most upbeat, which is strange considering the fact that she knew she was dying while recording it. Keeping that in mind will help you understand how dope this album truly is. Although I wouldn't go as far as to say that this was her best record, shes as impressive as one would expect from the most consistent soul singer ever. Check out the this video if you haven't already seen it:

Standout tracks are "Young, Willing, and Able," "Getting Ready For Your Love," and "How Could I Love You More."



Chris-Rich said...

Got to love Minnie. She makes every post magic. Good job!

BIG-ONE said...

dunno how to contact but here's Gordon Staples


Apani said...

Thank you for this classic!

Beatofen said...

I totally agree with Chris!
Good work man!

trakbuv said...

I think that I have seen her name spelt with 2 P's ie. Ripperton. It may be on her 'Come Into My Garden' original sleeve, and also in various Stevie Wonder & Quincy Jones album guest lists - but I could be mistaken.

However, there is no mistaking only one 'p' in 'Perfect Angel', Culov.

the rapper said...

Fantastic post, Many thanks!